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Physics. Engineering. Medicine. Biology.

We do that.


Nano & micro fabrication. Micro scale devices and systems. Atomic layer deposition. Advanced electronics packaging.


The MEMS group at the University of Colorado, Boulder is directed by Professor Victor Bright.


Our multi-disciplinary group is committed to developing novel fabrication processes and devices that advance the field of micro- and nano- electromechanical systems (MEMS and NEMS). To accomplish this challenging task, we integrate atomic, nano, and micro fabrication techniques, technologies, and advanced packaging.


Using these tools, as well as modeling and simulation, we are able to engineer transducers, sensors, and actuators that improve our capabilities and knowledge in a diverse array of disciplines that includes physics, engineering, medicine, and biology.


Furthermore, our group utilizes atomic layer deposition (ALD) to advance nano-fabrication such as the deposition of specialized nano coatings and functional layers. 









  • NANOTECHWEB: "Thermoacoustic effects that transform temperature fluctuations into sound energy have been observed for centuries and attracted scientific investigation over the past 100 years. Progress in nanofabrication has renewed interest in the phenomenon. Joseph Brown and his colleagues in Colorado, US, have now demonstrated readily audible thermoacoustic effects from atomic-layer-deposited tungsten bridge structures less than 300 atoms thick."

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