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I often mention how honored I have been over the years to work with great students. I have graduated over 30 PhD, and 25 MS students as well as worked with 5 postdoctoral associates, a number of undergraduates and even high school students.


If you are interested in joining our group and think that you have the right background, please feel free to contact me. Our group does interesting work across a broad spectrum of nano- and micro- scale devices and systems as well as developing novel materials and microfabrication technologies.


A way to determine if you might be a good fit is to read profiles of our current group members and ongoing research directions. We look for people who are energetic, resourceful, innovative, independent, collaborative, and great communicators. We value prior experience in research, but more importantly, we look for a strong academic background and ability to see the big picture.


If you are talented and motivated, but don’t have the right experience, don’t get discouraged. Keep your options open and keep in mind that ability to learn and solve problems coupled with innovative thinking and hard work are even more important. At any time during the year I am open to talking to prospective students and postdocs. If you are interested in graduate studies the first step to admission is to contact the Mechanical Engineering Department’s graduate program.


Jillian Kobow - Graduate Advisor 

(303) 735-6346

Graduate School Admissions

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